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Oman – A safe heaven

“..Real peace of mind is the companion of the silence of the mind.”

‘Safety needs’, may stand second in the hierarchical needs…but it has its own priority. Safety, sense of security and peace of mind are the Sine qua non of a human’s life. Wish to find the inner peace and belonging to a place you can call home? Welcome to Oman…a beautiful country with hospitable people and captivating heritage.
Oman has been climbing the stairs of prosperity since the blessed renaissance period started with the accession of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. His Majesty has promoted the country as one maintaining political stability and harmony amongst the people across Oman. Priority was always given to address illiteracy, realising that education, “even if only under the shade of a tree”, was the most effective weapon against ignorance. Educational establishments spread dramatically across the Sultanate since then, thereby building an environment of awareness needed for prosperity and camaraderie.

‘The National Economy is based on Justice and the Principles of a free economy’. Oman is free from legal political parties. The decisions taken by the Government are solely based on the betterment of the economy contributing to its ever flourishing future. People in Oman enjoy high living standards. There are various job opportunities one could find regardless of nationality and based on individual capability and level of education.

A country is made of people. But not just people, what counts is Harmony amongst people. Hospitality, affection and trust are certain virtues every human being longs for. Oman is multicoloured with people belonging to different religions, races and traditions. Yet the women are treated ever so gently and the men with equality. Oman has welcomed nationalities ranging from British, Indian, American, African, German, Iranian, Tunisian and many more with arms wide open, thereby providing home away from home to expatriates from different parts of the globe.

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