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Oman Air Majan Lounge – Ultra modern facilities served with traditional Omani hospitality

Airports are no longer a place where you feel your time is being wasted waiting for your flight, in today’s world all major airports have various lounges providing 5 star facilities that will include everything you will ever need and more. Times to relax, meet up with fellow travellers, catch up on a nap or eat a sumptuous spread. As the Muscat Airport has started seeing the increase in the number of passengers by the day, Oman Air upgraded their facilities to come up with a lounge facility for its customers that will match with the best in the world.

A new standard in hospitality and design practicality has been set at the Muscat Airport with the opening of the Oman Air Majan Lounge. Oman Air believes that the customers should be treated with the best experience that they can have at an airport right here in Muscat.

Oman Air opened Majan Lounge – its new lounge at the Muscat International Airport located on the lower floor of the departure terminal. Designed by JPA (design consultants) the lounge offers a luxurious and tranquil environment with a modern Arabian twist.

The lounge is staffed by Oman Air’s own trained reception staff to provide the hospitality and food service that Oman Air is renowned for and has won many awards. Oman Air currently has a tie-up with 17 airlines to welcome their passengers to this new lounge, apart from the FFP members of Oman Air. The superb services of this lounge can be used by other travellers as well by paying a nominal fee of RO12.000 ($31 USD).

Oman Air’s aim is to continue to deliver an unmatched passenger experience for all its customers and to provide a stress-free and enjoyable experience even before they commence their flight. The Majan lounge, conceived by the same firm which designed other Oman Air premium lounges, will offer an exceptional standard of hospitality and comfort, all within a uniquely modern design, but retaining the key elements of the Omani culture and heritage. The relaxing area and the array of services available for our customers will surely be appreciated by all travellers.

Majan Lounge is the third lounge facility opened and operated by Oman Air Catering division in the past 18 months. It will be open 24×7. The Lounge offers full Wi-Fi connectivity, a business centre with computer terminals fax and printers, rest rooms with “full  recliner” seats, a media area with full satellite TV, magazines and newspapers, a fully serviced drinks bar, hot and cold snack buffet counter (serviced by Oman Air lounge chefs) and modern bathrooms with showers and baby changing facilities.

Oman Air has a professional team of customer service staff and lounge hostesses on hand to look after every need of our customers. This new lounge at Muscat International Airport reflects both that commitment and dedication to providing customers with unparalleled standards of luxury and service. Majan lounge is the best way to start your journey or chill out if you’re on a longer stopover. Just be sure that you don’t forget that you have a flight to catch.

Tehran – Not what you thought it would be.

The first thought springs up in most of our minds when we think Middle East is desert, dry weather and heat. If that’s what you think about how Tehran would be, think again! Tehran is a mega capital city of Iran with an approximate population of 8,000,000and is the 19th largest city in the world!

Tehran has a wealth of cultural attractions. The best way to enjoy this city, for that matter any place in the world, is to lose all your inhibitions and pre conceived notions.  If you are ready to do that you will find a lot of interesting things to see and do while in Tehran. One of the most important monuments in Tehran is “Freedom Tower” or “Azadi Tower”. It is the symbol of Tehran since it was built in 1971 in commemoration of the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.

Other must visit attractions of Tehran is Golestan Palace. There are some really well known museums in Tehran each having a unique collection of artifacts and objects. Tehran is also home to the Iranian Imperial Crown Jewels, also called the Imperial Crown Jewels of Persia, it is claimed to be the largest, most dazzling and valuable jewel collection in the world. Tehran also has some of the world’s best synagogues and fire temples and hence it sees its own share of pilgrims flocking from all around the world.

Surprisingly, you would see quite a bit of fashion on the roads and the streets as the younger Iranian generation is well versed with the latest trends in the fashion world. There is no better place to shop than the Tehran Bazaar which is the biggest market of its kind in the world. Such is its size and the number of the alleys that you can scour; it almost gives you a sense that there is nothing that you cannot buy from there!

Once you are finished with visiting all the major spots in Tehran, you could head out to one of the world class ski resorts in Alborz Mountain Range which would take around 3-4 hours to reach.

Tehran has a thriving art and theatre culture and artists of all forms are respected and their work showcased. A good place to check out some legendary art work is the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art features the works of great artists such as Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Tehran International Book Fair is known to the International Publishing World as the most important publishing event in Asia and the Middle East.

All in all, Tehran is a complete city, a far cry from what you thought it might be. Once you are leaving you will be left wondering that there are actually very few cities in the region which can compare to Tehran!

Tehran is Oman Air’s latest destination spot as flights start from September 1st 2012. See you there!

Ramadan in Oman

Kahwa cup & Dates

Kahwa Cup & Dates

We have almost reached halfway through the Holy Month of Ramadan here in Oman. However, it doesn’t feel like a fortnight of fasting when you look back, it feels that this month is passing us by a little too quickly.

Although, we all are excited about Eid and the holidays that will follow, Ramadan is a significant time of the year where the whole of the Muslim world is united in observing their prayers and fasting rituals that mark the holy month.

The holy month of 2012 came across in this region during the peak summer months and taking full advantage of the fact there are various hotels, resorts and tour operators with tantalising offers. Oman Air also brings you a host of Ramadan and Eid special packages which makes for an awesome opportunity for the visitors also, to understand and experience the best of Ramadan in Oman.

While the Middle East is experiencing scorching levels of heat, Salalah is hidden gem in the Dhofar region of Oman which is witnessing cooling rains with monsoon winds blowing from the Indian Ocean. The monsoon season is also known as the ‘Khareef’ season which brings the place back to life with overflowing lakes, active waterfalls, lush greenery, wildlife and much more!

Ramadan is also essentially a month of selflessness, reflection, sharing and helping the needy. Contrary to the belief that this month is exclusively for Muslims, ,there are various ways in which even non-Muslims and visitors can participate in the spirit of the month.

One of the most important and key part of Ramadan is ‘zakat’ or charity. Visitors can participate in charitable activities, they could also accept invitations in breaking of a fast. Or one could even try to fast for a day!

Ramadan in Oman can be a memorable time for visitors if they are ready to acknowledge the culture and spiritual heritage, being familiar with important Arabic expressions and greetings, as well as being mindful of the etiquette to be observed during the holy month.

Best wishes from Oman Air to one and all for a healthy Ramadan and a joyous Eid.

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