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Arabian Travel Market 2013

Arabian Travel Market 2013Middle East is growing and developing rapidly and so is the aviation, travel and tourism to and from the region. Recently, Dubai International Airport is now the world’s second busiest airport for international passenger traffic. Which not only reflects the importance of the Middle East as a destination for business & tourism but also highlights the geographic advantage that the region enjoys in connecting the East with the West and vice versa. So it is only fitting that we had a travel event which focuses on the region.

This is how the Arabian Travel Market came into being, which also in the travel industry is commonly known as ATM. It goes without saying that ATM is a vital and crucial Travel Trade event for the Middle East which attracts the who’s who of the industry along with the people who work in the travel industry and also non-industry people alike. Basically, all levels of the value added chain are present: from tour operators, booking engines, destinations, airlines, and hotels right through to car rental companies.

Arabian Travel Market is the travel and tourism event unlocking business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals. The 2013 show will run from May 6 – 9 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC). Arabian Travel Market offers business alternatives for travel agents as well as the best offers for the most indulgent luxury travelers of all around the world who want to enjoy all what the still little know middle east offers.

Arabian Travel Market 2013Along the usual luxury travel events and exhibitions, the Arabian Travel Market offers seminars covering a variety of topics related to the leisure industry from a technological point of view such as state of the art yachts and private jets, new develops in amenities and entertainment and communication technologies for a total control of business affairs from the holidays location. Tourism destinations from the Middle East and around the world also assemble at ATM to showcase a range of accommodation options, tourism attractions and potential new airline routes.

It’s a top notch event following international standards as it is administered by event’s organiser Reed Exhibitions (RE), which also organises a portfolio of other travel industry events including World Travel Market (WTM)

Arabian Travel Market 2013We hope that we can conclude a successful event by achieving what we came for. And, if you are visiting the event please drop by counter ME 4340, hope to see you there J

Songkran – Water Wars of Thailand


Most of us know that Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world with tourists flocking this tropical haven in thousands all year. We can go on about the beaches, shopping arenas and other attractions of Thailand but that is not what we are going to be talking about today.

Thailand is a highly cultural country with a number of festivals and wide variety of religious events all around the year. But, did you know that every year in April, Thailand hosts the world’s largest water fight! It is an old festival tradition in Thailand known as “Songkran”, and marks the New Year according to the Thai Lunar calendar. For young adults, who are looking for a good fun break, there isn’t possibly a better time to visit Thailand. Falling on 13th April and celebrated for three days, the Songkran water festival is every water fight you can imagine, times a million.

The tradition is an example of beautiful Thai culture revealing the joy, generosity, warmth, and respect of the Thai people. During Songkran, Thai people use water and scents to convey love and concord to each other. On the crazier side, nobody is safe from attack! All the city streets of Bangkok are transformed into temporary water war zones.  Every citizen is armed and trigger happy. From small children with tiny water pistols, through to roving gangs of smiling adults driving the latest pickup-trucks that have been converted into mobile water cannons, everyone takes part. If you head outdoors, you will get wet, whether you like it or not. Even the elephants get involved by spraying onlookers with their trunks to join in the fun!

Now you might want to know the logic behind the throwing of water, right? To the people of Thailand, the spraying of the water is a sign of spiritual renewal and cleansing. This special time of year is paired with spring-cleaning and lighthearted pranks.

What also surprises most foreigners, is the experience of being openly welcomed by the people of Thailand to take part in such an authentic large scale traditional festival. It’s not known as the “The Land of Smiles” for no reason.

There are a few precautions that you should take. First, if you take a camera, you should assume it will be destroyed by water. Revelers will happily aim for your camera for the pure joy of it. Same goes for all electronics as they are not going to survive the Thai Songkran experience. Also, dress appropriately for the occasion and possibly sport sunglasses, just to avoid any mishaps with the eye.

If you are in Bangkok at this time of the year you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable time celebrating what is surely one of the best festivals you will ever attend.

Turning 20


Oman Air has celebrated its 20th anniversary. That means we are out of the teens and ready to take on the many challenges that lie ahead. For starters, Oman Air launched its first flight on the 15th of March 1993 and has since grown to become one of the world’s best international airlines. Looking back at Oman Air’s inaugural flight to Salalah, the first international flight to Dubai on a leased Boeing 727-300 that took off in July 1993 and the first flight to the Subcontinent (Trivandrum) took place in November of the same year, the time has just flown us by, literally. Now Oman Air operates its flights to 42 destinations out of which 39 are international with a total fleet strength of 30.

In recognition of the unparalleled quality of its onboard products, the carrier has also received countless awards, including World’s Best Business Class Airline Seat at the World Airline Awards for the last two years running. We would like to thank you all for your support and feedback that has helped us improve our services over the years and made us a force to reckon with. On this celebratory occasion we are committed to proudly carry the flag of our country on the aircraft to more destinations around the world.

We turned 20 on 15th Mar and to celebrate it and on 20th Mar, for one day only, Oman Air offered all its customers (flying return fares originating from Muscat) a fantastic 20% online only discount to all international destinations in all classes. And, owing to the success of the initial offer we have extended the same concept and now offer 20% discount on First and Business Class to selected international destinations.

Now, for those of you who are hard to please we imagine you saying is this enough? The party has just started for our fans and followers on social media. There are quite a few big surprises which are under wraps and will be announced in due time. Just keep your eyes and ears open and keep following Oman Air on facebook, twitter and G+. And of course tell your friends about it.

We think turning 20 is awesome and there is no one better than you, our customers, to celebrate it with. On that note we also vow to continue offering our customers a high-quality service experience balanced with traditional Omani hospitality.

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