Tips for the Perfect Holiday


Most of us always dream about that perfect holidays to a far off land, with pristine white beaches, cool breezes and loved ones by our side, but because of various reasons such as overbooking, time money etc, we mostly end up spending our holidays sleeping or at a relative’s place at a nearby land. The funny thing is the holidays always seem far off and when you least expect it…they seem to sneak up on you, So we at Oman Air have made a small list of ways you can have that once in lifetime holiday each year!!

–          Plan: The hardest part of any plan is the planning stage, start planning your perfect getaway at least 3 months in advance as an early booking is a lot cheaper than at the last minute one, and thanks to the internet you can pick up some great packages but once again its only first come first serve and besides, once it’s all planed and book it’s a lot more fun to just sit back relax and count the days until your flight away

–          Pick the right spot: Unless you’re traveling alone, picking the right destination should generally be a group discussions and you really should consider all the factors before setting off on your vacation, such as do you have kids, how long do you want to be away, do you want to see wildlife on your holiday, how much do you wish to spend etc, etc!  Try exploring the country you live in or near by neighbouring  ones, you won’t believe the gems one can find nearby with a little research.

London Ferris

–          Budget your destination: The biggest problem most vacationers have is over spending on their holidays; unforeseen expenses are always unavoidable but its better if you include everything (food, souvenirs and travel) in your budget when planning your time off.

–          Research you destination: When setting off on your destination, read up about it a bit believe us it pays in more ways, than one, apart from figuring out the real attractions from the tourist traps and the best place to pick up your holiday keepsake, the locals are always more friendlier if you’re respectful about the local customs and practices, plus you journey will be enriched when you understand the significance of the sights you visit.

–          Tour group V/s independent travel: When planning you holiday be sure to think carefully about whether you want to opt for a group tour or travel independently as each of them have their own pros and cons in terms of costs, number of sights you’ll be able to visit, security, travel language and the number of new friends you’ll be able to make when traveling, but whatever you chose, try to look beyond the websites and remember when you want to have the real information about your travel group, social media is your friend!!

–          Pictures: When you’re on a holiday carrying a camera is a must, but don’t make the rookie travellers mistake of taking too many pictures at a go, apart from draining your camera’s battery and boring your viewers when you reach home, you also tend to miss out on some great snap shots when your clicking away without a plan, so pace yourself when taking pictures or better yet delete the repeats when you retire  for the night as this will help plans the next day’s snaps but also save you one heck of a chore when you get back home

–          Foodie your destination: Be sure to eat the local cuisine when you travel, as life is all about trying new things and the memories you make on vacation despite the tummy aches will be well worth it, so be sure to pack the pepto bismol before you order.

Dubai 1

–          Pack right: you’ll be amazed at how many essential items are missed and unnecessary ones are packed on the tour, so be sure to pack the right clothes and consider each item carefully before it goes in the bag, apart from saving up on cabin fare, it will also cut down on your expenses when traveling, after all the most expensive tooth brush is the one you bought abroad!!

So this is our list of ways to make your holiday special, but most of all travel safe and enjoy every moment of it!

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