Omani Souvenirs

Khanjar Dagger:

omani 1

The Khanjar is the traditional dagger of Oman, and forms part of the Omani man’s formal dress. The blade of the dagger is curved, sharpened on both edges, and is carried in a handsomely decorated silver sheath worn around the waist. Khanjars are held in high esteem in Omani society, and a Khanjar appears on the flag of Oman, as part of the national emblem.



Oman is famous for its pottery, and Bahla, in the A’Dhahirah Governorate, is considered the traditional home of this highly regarded craft. Omani pots are made out of clay gathered from the floors of wadi river beds, and they are used to store water, dates, honey and other household items.

Kumah Caps:

omani 3

The Kumah is the traditional cotton cap worn by Omani men. Due to the intricate embroidery required in the design, and the length of time needed to produce each one, they are highly prized and can fetch very high prices. However, mass produced Kumah caps are commonly sold at lower prices from souqs and malls.

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