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Founded in 1993, Oman Air’s first flight was from Muscat to Salalah and the airline has since expanded to offer direct flights to more than 40 exciting destinations across the Gulf, Europe, Africa and Asia. In doing so, Oman Air has played a major role in enabling Muscat to become a vital traffic hub in the Middle East, offering a thriving background for business and tourism.

One response to “About Us”

  1. S.A.Mojtahedi says :

    Dear Oman Air
    I just want to thank you for using the correct name of the “Persian Gulf” in your site. as you probably know, the name “Persian Gulf” is recognized by the UNGEGN(United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names) as the only correct standard geographical name for this waterway. I hope one day other Arab states of the Persian Gulf be civilized just like you and use the correct name. please send me your flight destinations list, so in the future if I want to fly near countries I will keep “Oman Air” in my mind and I will recommend to my friends also to fly with Oman Air. thanks again
    With Kind Regards
    S.A.Mojtahedi(Senior Adviser to the Managing Director of the Persian Gulf Studies Centre) http://www.persiangulfstudies.com/museum
    21 July 2014

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